The Incomparable Ponoi

Posted by Nicholas Reygaert on April 18, 2012 0 Comments

We just finished a promo film on the Ponoi River, Kola Penisula for the Ponoi River Co. and Frontiers Travel. It truly is one of the greatest Atlantic salmon rivers of the world, a gem.

It was always a childhood dream of mine to fish the Ponoi, so to be asked to make a film about the river was extra special. We shot on a Red One camera which enabled us to get some amazing slow motion dry fly salmon takes. Warning it is 22 mins long, so grab a coffee or tea, put the feet up, remember to enable HD, pull vimeo out to full screen and soak it all in!

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HATCH – Tasmania filming

Posted by Nicholas Reygaert on April 18, 2012 0 Comments

I have just returned from two weeks of filming for HATCH in Tasmania. It was a great trip and the weather was unusually kind to us. I was hoping to shoot the legendary spinner feeding trout of the Western Lakes on the Red One camera. I have seen spinner feeders doing their thing before and been totally blown away by the whole phenomena. Big brownies just lose their self control when they are hunting spinners, dashing around madly and jumping fully out of the water to nail the spinners on the wing. I knew to do the event justice on film we would need the slo-mo and telephoto lens capabilities of the Red One, being able to overcrank to 120 frames a second would let us see what the naked eye misses.

It was always going to be a gamble. Spinners only ever come out in warm, calm conditions not weather that can be relied upon to happen in Tassie. We rolled the dice on it, luckily the first three days of filming were perfect.

The result is some of the best footage that I have ever shot, fish tracking and nailing spinners mid-air. The most interesting aspect from a fisherman’s point of view was the success rate of the fish, they rarely miss. The poor spinners don’t stand a chance against such an amazing predator.

HATCH is on track to be released on DVD by late February.

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HATCH Update

Posted by Nicholas Reygaert on April 18, 2012 0 Comments

Filming continues on our next feature film HATCH. We have just returned from two weeks filming in Slovenia with our good mates John and Morten from IMAGO and also uber-cool Slovenian fly fishing dude Luka Hojnik.

The reason for going to Slovenia was to lock horns with the native Marble Trout. Marbles are a sub-species of brown trout but vary remarkably from your average brownie in both appearance and behaviour. Marbles grow really big, like 20kg big, mostly by predating on grayling. But given the right conditions, eg a big hatch, they will come to the surface to feed.

The funny thing about Marbles is that when they do start taking insects from the surface they tend to sit right on the surface – head, dorsal and tail out of the water – Mako Shark style. It took until the last day, but we did manage to hit a solid hatch and the Marble trout came out from under the rocks to feed. Stunning footage!

A bonus of the trip was finding a bunch of wild rainbow trout that feed on ants that get knock off an old wooden bridge every time a car drives over it. They were not easy to fool with an artificial but John managed to get the drift right and got a few.

Friendly people, great food, knock-out rivers – Slovenia is the full package. It will be an awesome addition to the film.

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Filming in Kola

Posted by Shopify on April 10, 2012 0 Comments

The Gin-Clear team have just returned from filming a promotional movie for our friends at the Ponoi River Company. They have 60km of the prime water on the Ponoi River, Kola Peninsula, Russia – Atlantic salmon heaven!! In Autumn 1000′s of fresh fish pour into the massive river system and the fishing is mind-blowing.

The RED One camera once again showed its true value as we filmed big salmon smashing skated flies on the surface in super slo-motion. The 20 minute film is due to be finished before XMAS and will be available as a free HD download to all that are interested. Keep an eye out here for the download link.

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